Poster presentations 

University of California, San Diego 


Paul Chariou: Plant virus-based drug carriers for agricultural applications

Oscar Ortega: VLP-based vaccines targeting cardiovascular disease

Chao Wang: Combination of Cowpea mosaic virus and checkpoint blockade works synergistically to improve therapeutic efficacy  

Joon Park: VLP drug delivery targeting cardiovascular disease

Andy Hu: Functionalized Plant-Virus Nanoparticle for Multimodal Molecular Imaging and Therapy of Cancer

Soo Khim Chan: Gene delivery by plant viral nanoparticles for microRNA silencing

Hui Cai: Plant Virus Encapsulation Augments the Antitumor Efficacy of CpG

Vero Beiss: To bind or not to bind - The quest for vimentin

Derek Church: Surface Modification of Cells using Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization

Yi Zheng: Processing Methods for Viral Nanocomposites

Sourabh Shukla: The unique potency of CPMV in situ vaccine as cancer immunotherapy

Sourabh Shukla: An unusual tropism of plant virus Potato virus X towards malignant B cells: implications for lymphoma drug delivery

Lu Wang: Alert the Immune System with Functionalized Virus-Like Nanoparticle

Matthew Shin: Plaque Attack & Formulating a Solution

Sayoni Ray: Single dose prophylactic HPV vaccine with slow release biodegradable implants using dissolving polymer microneedles

University of California, Los Angelos

Christian Beren: Cryo-electron microscopy of RNA viruses and of RNA-capsid protein assemblies

Jerrell Tisnado and Ana Luisa ("Anilú") Duran-Meza: Conjugation strategies for virus-like particles

Adam Biddlecome: RNA replicons for vaccine delivery

Rich Sportsman: Translation initiation from intact RNA viruses and virus-like particles

Ana Luisa ("Anilú") Duran-Meza: In vitro reconstitution of enveloped virus-like particles

Anish Nag: TMV virus-like particles containing therapeutic RNA

Abby Thurm: In situ replication/amplification of functional micro-RNA 

Nina Le: Ensuring the packaging of small genes of multipartite viruses

Zach Gvildys:  Molecular dynamics simulation of protein-RNA interactions and viral self-assembly

Centro de Nanociencias y Nanotecnologia

Alferdo Nuñez-Rivera: siRNA delivery by plant VLPs

Karla Oyuki Juárez-Moreno: Biological assessment for cell internalization and cytotoxicity of VLPs

Kanchan Chauhan: Multifunctionalized biocatalytic P22 nanoreactor for combinatory treatment of ER+ breast cancer

Cristina Diaz-Barriga: Asparaginase bionanoreactor for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Oscar Gonzalez-Davis: Virus-like bionanoreactor for the transformation of endocrine disruptor compounds

Ana Rodríguez-Hernández: Toxicity of nanoplastics

Katrin Quester: Cytochrome P450 bioconjugate as a nanovehicle for improved chemotherapy treatment

Kendra Ramírez: Development of an antimicrobial system based on viral nanoparticles

Juan Eduardo Pérez: BMV capsids as hydrophobic drug nanovehicle

Prakhar Sengar: Serum albumin camouflaged mesoporous luminescent nanoreactor for breast cancer therapy

Francisca Villanueva: Implantable uChipVP6-Au for Neural Tissue Engineering

Ruben D. Cadena: Virus-Based Nanomotors for Cargo Delivery

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