Monday September 16th 2019 

2 pm Welcome and introductions 

Scientific Session 1

Discussion Leader: Christine Boone UCSD

3:00 pm Christian Beren UCLA: Cryo-electron microscopy of RNA viruses and of RNA-capsid protein assemblies

3:25 pm Alferdo Nuñez-Rivera CNYN: siRNA delivery by plant VLPs

3:50 pm  Derek Church UCSD: Surface Modification of Cells using Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization

4:15 pm Paul Chariou UCSD: Plant virus-based drug carriers for agricultural applications

4:40 pm Karla Oyuki Juárez-Moreno CNYN: Biological assessment for cell internalization and cytotoxicity of VLPs

5:05 pm: Rafael Vazquez-Duhalt CNYN: An overview of UNAM, CNyN and bionanotechnology department

5:30 pm Dinner 


7:00-8:00 PI meeting & Set up of posters 

Scientific Session 2

8:00 pm Bill Gelbart UCLA: Physical Virology -From self-assembly of virus-like particles to RNA replicons and gene therapy

Tuesday September 17th 2019

8:30 am  Breakfast 

Scientific Session 3

Discussion Leader: Chuck Knobler UCLA 

9:30 am SPECIAL KEYNOTE  Arturo Diaz La Sierra University: Virus-Host Interactions 

9:55 am Oscar Ortega UCSD: VLP vaccination technologies 

10:20 am Jerrell Tisnado and Ana Luisa ("Anilú") Duran-Meza UCLA: Conjugation strategies for virus-like particles


Scientific Session 4

Discussion Leader: CNYN

11:15 am Kanchan Chauhan CNYN: Multifunctionalized biocatalytic P22 nanoreactor for combinatory treatment of ER+ breast cancer

11:40 am Chao Wang UCSD: VLP in situ vaccination technology  

12:05 am Joon Park UCSD: VLP drug delivery targeting cardiovascular disease

12:30 Lunch | PI working lunch 

Free time

4 pm-530 pm Poster session 

Ice cream social

5:30 pm Dinner 

Scientific Session 5

7:00 pm Nicole Steinmetz UCSD: NanoEngineering gone viral 

7:30 pm Camp fire and smores 

Wednesday September 18th 2019

8:30 am Breakfast 

Scientific Session 6

Discussion Leader:  Rich Sportsman UCLA

9:30 am Jon Pokorski UCSD: Drug delivery and slow release formulations

9:55 am Adam Biddlecome UCLA: RNA replicons for vaccine delivery

10:20 am Cristina Diaz-Barriga CNYN: Asparaginase bionanoreactor for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia


Scientific Session 7

Discussion Leader: Sourabh Shukla UCSD

11:15 am Andy Hu UCSD: Functionalized Plant-Virus Nanoparticle for Multimodal Molecular Imaging and Therapy of Cancer

11:40 am Rich Sportsman UCLA: Translation initiation from intact RNA viruses and virus-like particles

12:05 am Oscar Gonzalez-Davis CNYN: Virus-like bionanoreactor for the transformation of endocrine disruptor compounds

12:30 Lunch | PI working lunch 

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